Multi-Node Support
Learn how to install and configure PlayerServers daemon and be the first to try out our experimental support for hosting your servers on multiple machines.
The below page explains how to use this feature on PlayerServers 3. This is only relevant if you're a beta tester. To view this page for PlayerServers 3, click here.


  • Purchased PlayerServers. This addon is free of charge
  • Have two (or more) machines
  • Decent network connection
  • At least 200MB of RAM dedicated to Daemon


The installation process for PlayerServers Daemon is pretty straight forward. The first thing you need to do is simply enable multi-node support under experimental options at the end of your configuration file. After that, just reboot your BungeeCord and let the plugin generate required files.
After that's done, create a folder Daemon. Download the following jar file and drop it into your Daemon folder:
Daemon v3 (for PlayerServers v3 Beta)
Daemon v1.1 - Release (for PlayerServers v2)
After that's done, run it for the first time by using java -Xmx200M -jar Daemon.jar in order to let it generate the required files. Now exit it by typing in exit. After that's done, configure both multinode.yml inside your BungeeCord/plugins/PlayerServers/multinode.yml and your Daemon config.toml which will be generated in your Daemon root directory. It is important to include the same token inside both configs!
As the last step, it is required to copy all your templates to each daemon. For example, if you have PS/templates/default and PS/templates/1.8, you need to have the exact same files across each daemon with exact same templates. Each template MUST have Spigot.jar file inside it!
Now, you can just make a script with the following code
screen -dmS Daemon java -Xmx200M -jar Daemon.jar
and just run it with sh in order to make your Daemon run 24/7 on a separate screen.
Great! You're done! Now, please note that PlayerServersDaemon is still under early-access development and may have bugs. Please report all of those to our Issue tracker here. Additionally, please take a backup of your MySQL Database and your server data before proceeding. It is important to note that we did take every possible step to reduce the amount of possible issues that can happen, but we do highly encounter you to take those steps, just to be on the safe side.
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