Adding pre-defined plugins

In the tutorial below, you'll learn how to add pre-defined plugins to the plugin-installer GUI.

In order to add plugins to the plugin-installer GUI and make those plugins available to ALL of your players and their servers, you need to navigate to your BungeeCord plugins folder, than go to the PlayerServers folder, and from there, navigate to the plugins-to-be-added-ingame subfolder.

After that, put the .jar files of all the plugins you want your players to be able to install on their sub-servers.

WARNING: Please do not put in too much plugins. You should not have more than 45 plugins available there. The plugin may handle more, but it is not recommended.

The maximum of allowed plugins is: 75, and after that number, the plugin will most likely break and not function properly. Please kindly note that I will not support anyone that is adding more than 45 plugins to this directory.

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