Download custom wings

Learn how to download our custom wings to prevent unwanted modifications on your subservers.
In order to make sure your players can't remove ServerCore from their servers and thus removing the only thing that will stop their server from being online 24/7, this modification is highly recommended.


In order to replace Pterodactyl's wings, you'll first need to download our custom ones from our GitHub. You can also download the latest dev build which is almost always in sync with the latest Pterodactyl release here.
After downloading it, navigate to /usr/local/bin and remove wings from there. Afterwards, upload our custom wings and make sure to name it wings. Afterwards, simply restart your wings, usually by running service wings restart.

Great, you're done!

Our custom wings will not negatively impact your existing non-PlayerServers servers. Any server created outside of PlayerServers environment will not be affected by PlayerServers or our modified wings.