Permission-based CPU

Learn how to make a permission-based CPU system for your players

The below page explains how to use this feature on PlayerServers 3. This is only relevant if you're a beta tester. This feature is not available in the public release yet.


We know that making a permission-based CPU system is a crucial to our customers and could be greately used for safety of your infrastructure and preventing overload as well as for stores in order to motivate players to upgrade to a higher rank, so we've implemented a permission-based CPU system. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to configure it for your needs.

This feature is only working if you have Pterodactyl or Docker enabled. Screen based servers can not have CPU limitations.


In order to begin, you'll need to change a few config options. Make sure your cpu-limiting part of the config looks as following:

  # Only for docker-based servers,
  # should we use permissions for cpu management? If set to true, you MUST give
  # your players permission playerservers.cpu.<amount> (ex: playerserver.cpu.1)
  # or, else, the command will be blocked, and player will not be able to create
  # the server. If set to false, everyone will have cpu-per-server amount of CPU.
  use-permissions: false

  # How much CPU (in %) should we allocate to each PlayerServer?
  cpu-per-server: 50

By enabling use-permissions, the plugin will ignore cpu-per-server option and will use permission-based CPU management system.

The next thing you'll wanna do is to give all the groups that have playerservers.manage permission a new permission as following: playerservers.cpu.<cpu as percentage>. Here's an example in LuckPerms:

/lp group default permission set playerservers.ram.100

In the following example, we gave the role default ability to create a server with 1 CPU core.

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