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Will I be able to run this plugin on GameHosting (such as

No, you can only run this plugin on Dedicated / VPS hosting. We have our hosting too! Click this link in order to access our Support Discord, where you can contact owners & buy VPS machines starting from only 3.5€ / mo (1 core, 2GB of RAM).

How can I change the version sub-servers are creating with?

Navigate to BungeeCord -> Plugins -> PlayerServers -> templates and replace Spigot.jar with the new version of Spigot you want your users to run on their server.

NOTE: There'll be a VersionSelector available soon 😊.

How can I change the default RAM of SubServers?

That's pretty simple. Just navigate to the config.yml and edit ram-per-server

How can I change the limit of the currently-running subservers?

You can change the limit in the config.yml file, by changing max-running-instances option.

How to add default plugins which will be added automatically on server creation? - Experimental, not recommended - REMOVED

In order to do so, you'll need to add their original name* to the BungeeCord PlayerServers config.yml and add all of them to the following directories:

BungeeCord -> Plugins -> PlayerServers -> templateplugins

BungeeCord -> Plugins -> PlayerServers -> plugins-to-be-added-ingame

By "original name" I mean the name written in plugin.yml file of that specific plugin. For instance, the original plugin name for WorldEdit is just WorldEdit, for EssentialsX, it's just EssentialsX, but for some other plugins this might be different. Please be careful while using this option and kindly note that there will be no support for using it, as it's EXPERIMENTAL and it may be removed in any of the future updates.

Can I purchase the SourceCode of this plugin?

Yes, you can. Please contact me on Discord (OpenSource#3310).

Where could I get support?

For all the additiona help & support, please join our Discord

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