8.0 to v1.0

Execute the following linux commands:

mysql -u root -p
USE dbName; # Replace dbName with your playerservers database name

Execute the following command:

/ps admin sqlhotfix

Add the following blocks to the bottom of your config.yml:

multi-node: false
experimental-rename: false
pterodactyl-compatibility: false

Make sure your messages.toml contains all the messages:

run-in-game = "&9Error> &7Oops! You can only run this command in-game."
not-enough-arguments = "&9PlayerServers> &7Oops, not enough arguments: /playerservers admin test <node-name>"
not-enough-arguments-kill = "&9PlayerServers> &7Oops, not enough arguments: /playerserver kill stop <uuid (example: 1F4a2id)>"
not-enough-arguments-delete = "&9PlayerServers> &7Not enough arguments. &a/playerservers admin delete <uuid>. Please keep in mind that you should not enter the full id. You should just enter the first part (example: if full UUID is 1234-5678-1223-5623, you should just enter 1234)."
no-permission = "&9Error> &7Oops, it seems like you don't have permission to do that."
launching-server = "&c&lLaunching your server. This might take some time. You will be teleported as soon as it's ready."
server-online = "&9PlayerServers> &7Oops, it seems like your server is not online."
successfully-renamed = "&9PlayerServers> &7Successfully renamed server."
rename-failed = "&9PlayerServers> &7Oops, the server with that name already exists."
already-have = "&9Error> &7Oops, it seems like you already have a server!"
too-many-online = "&9Error> &7Oops, it seems like too many servers are running at the moment."


process-first = "&9PlayerServer> &7Starting the creation of your server..."
process-second = "&9Process> &7Successfully copied Spigot.jar & created eula.txt"
process-third = "&9Process> &7Successfully copied the PlayerServerCore to your server."
process-fourth = "&9Process> &7Successfully created server.properties & start.sh"

post-process-one = "&9PostProcess> &7Your server has been added to the BungeeCord. Teleporting in &a%time% &7seconds..."

sending-to-remote-server = "&9Process> &7We're beginning the creation of your server on the first remote node that provides us with ample resources. This will not take a while."


successfully-killed = "&9Success> &7Your server has been successfully killed."


prepairing = "&9PlayerServers> &7Preparing to launch your server."

successfully-started = ""


connected = "&9PlayerServer> &7You've been successfully sent to your server. Your friends can use &a/server %uuid%&7 to connect."

Great, you're done!

If you had any problems upgrading, please contact us on our Discord here.

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