Plugin management

Below you can see the tutorial on how to install & remove plugins on / from your sub-server.

Installing plugins on your sub-server

In order to install plugins, you'll need to be on your server. If you're not sure on how to connect to it, the Basic Instructions page might help you.

After successfully connecting to your subserver, you need to execute the command below:


A Inventory GUI should appear. If it does not, please contact the server administrator for help. The GUI should look like this:

After entering the GUI, select the clock icon with text Plugin Management. By clicking this button, you'll see all available plugins that owners pre-configured for you to be able to install. All the plugins marked with red-stone blocks are disabled and ready for you to install them. All the plugins that are marked with emerald blocks are currently installed and can be removed with a simple click.

WARNING: Please make sure to reboot your server after installing new plugins by typing in the command /stop.After that, you can boot your server back up by executing command /playerserver start. For more informations, visit the Basic Instructions page.

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