3.7-D to 4.0


4.0 is quite a huge update, as the introduction of Permission-based RAM management requires update for other dependencies & config, and therefore requires you to do some additional steps in order to upgrade.

Upgrade process

This update required me to change some of the functionalities of LauncherWrapper. That being said, it was required to implement a command to automatically download the latest Launcher.jar and replace it in all of your sub-servers. Begin this update process by executing:

/ps admin updatelauncher

Wait for the process to finish. After that, it is required to change a few things in your config.yml. Begin by removing the following line: ram-per-server: 512, and replace it with the following block:

  # Should we use permissions for ram management? If set to true, you MUST give
  # your players permission playerserver.ram.<amount> (ex: playerserver.ram.512)
  # or, else, the command will be blocked, and player will not be able to create
  # the server. If set to false, everyone will have ram-per-server amount of RAM.
  use-permissions: false

  # How much RAM (in MB) should we allocate to each of the PlayerServers?
  ram-per-server: 512

In case you'd like to see the default config after this update, please click the link below:

pageCurrent Config & Messages File

In case you'd like to learn more about permission-based RAM system, follow this link:

pagePermission-based RAM

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