PlayerServers - General

An advanced plugin which allows your players to create their sub-servers as part of your network, isolated in Docker and manageable with easy-to-use GUI or intuitive Pterodactyl panel interface


PlayerServers is an advanced plugin that will allow your players to create their own sub-server with just one command. On that server, they'll be owners and they'll have the whole control under that server. They'll even be able to install plugins on it using an advanced GUI. In order to purchase it, please scroll to the bottom of this page.


  • Async, lag-free: Creation of servers happens 95% in async mode, which means that the creation of servers will be processed in a separate thread and 0 lag will be generated during that period.

  • Templates: You'll be able to create the default template which will be used when creating the servers.

  • HubCore: When purchasing this plugin, you'll get an additional HubCore plugin which will allow you to make a compass that will show online & offline player servers and give your players the ability to connect to them. Furthermore, it will give you some basic options for your lobby like disabling rain, hunger & damage. A special placeholder that will allow players to see current player-count on their sub server is also included.

  • Automatically terminate inactive servers: if servers are inactive (or don't have any players) for a configurable amount of time, they will automatically shutdown.

  • Fast & Efficient: The creation of the server happens in less than 2 seconds which will allow your players to be teleported to their sub server in less than 15 seconds (other time will be used for boot-up of spigot server, and generating the main world - also, the huge factor is your server CPU)

  • ControlGUI: Server owners will have their GUI control panel, that they'll be able to access with command /menu. It will allow them to manage various parts of the server (whitelist, bans, weather & more) and give them an option to install, enable, or disable additional plugins (see screenshots below).

  • Permissions-based: Configure per-group permissions on max plugins, max players or RAM

  • Automatic & works out of the box: The plugin is working out of the box without any need for external dependencies. Thanks to the integration of the Bungee Server Manager plugin (which I'm allowed to integrate, as it could be seen here), we were able to achieve the effect of automatically adding newly created sub servers to the BungeeCord config & server list without the need of any reboot or greload. The same goes for the deletion of sub servers as well.

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