Learn how to setup templates with plugins, mods, worlds and configurations


In PlayerServers, Templates are an essential way of managing the creation of your servers.

At minimum you are required to have a default Template folder with Spigot.jar file inside. Without that, it will not be possible to create a subserver.

Please keep in mind that all these steps must be repeated across every Daemon instance equally! Also, keep in mind that Templates do not work yet under Pterodactyl mode.


  1. Create folder in /templates/<yourtemplate>

  2. Put all the server files there including Spigot.jar (you must not include server.properties or spigot.yml)

  3. If the folder includes plugins, please do not include PSServerCore.jar or it's configuration files

  4. If your server includes plugins, please add all of them to the server-plugins folder

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