Basic instructions

Below you can find some of the basic instructions on how to create your sub-server, how to shut it down, how to boot it back up, and how to access it.

Please note that if you need help with those commands, you should ask them on your server's website, their forums, support page, on their email / twitter or their Discord. Please do not join our Discord for help with the commands. It's intended to give support for server owners, not their players.

Creating the server

In order to create your player-server, you just need to run the command below:

/playerserver create

After that, you'll get a message that your server is being created. If everything went fine, you'll be sent to your sub-server and you'll get a special code that other users will be able to use in order to teleport to your server. If not, you'll get an error message. In that case, please contact the server administrator.

WARNING: You can create only one subserver. The command above will NOT work if you already own one.

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